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Neighborhood Spotlight: Evanston Business District Seeks to Bring Rainbows to Neighborhood

It is going to be a colorful week around town as participating businesses within the Evanston Business District aim to cover the entire district with rainbows. Starting at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 26, participating local businesses on the Main-Dempster Mile will be handing out rainbow ribbon to guests in an attempt to cover as…

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Neighborhood Spotlight: New Evanston Event Celebrates Local Breweries and Distilleries

There is a new kind of craft walk in town, this time celebrating a variety of locally made beverages. From 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday, May 16, more than 30 local businesses will stay open late and offer tastings of craft beverages brewed and distilled by Few Spirits, Kombucha Brava, and Sketchbook Brewing Company. Participating…

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Embracing the Hygee Style at The Main

A yummy pastry. A warm blanket. Even a snuggle from your pup or kittie. These are some of the many ways to warm yourself from the inside out, a quality known by some as “Hygge.” Scandinavian in origin, the concept embraces coziness in all of its most basic forms. As a result, people develop a…

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