How to Have Gratitude Daily

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Life moves so fast and it’s easy to get wrapped up in it and forget what you have and are most grateful for. Thanksgiving brings up many feelings of gratitude and thankfulness. This is a time of year where many of us will reflect on all the good in our lives, but what if this is something we could do all year round.

Start Your Day with Gratitude

Starting each day with gratitude is something so many people fail to do yet something we can all do. Most people have a morning routine, many of us rush to get ready and out the door, but set that alarm clock 10 minutes earlier and spend those extra minutes in gratitude for all the good in your life. We all tend to move so fast and forget to stop and be truly grateful.

Journal It

It is proven research that writing down what you are grateful for brings you happiness to your overall well being. Expressing your daily gratitude in the form of a journal and making it a habit daily is a great way to be able to see all the good in your life. Start small, don’t overcomplicate it. Gratitude can be found in a good cup of coffee, getting a restful night of sleep, a beautiful sunrise and so on. Starting your day with gratitude will help you keep looking for the good all day long.

Verbalize It

Telling someone that you appreciate them can go a long way. Today with so much texting and social media posting many people will write “thank yous” to others via technology but make sure you are verbalizing it to them when you can. A simple “thank you” to someone that holds the door open for you can put a smile on their face and send happy feelings to them to keep the gratitude going. Tell those closest to you that you love and appreciate them too, don’t just assume they know, sometimes they need to hear it from your mouth.


There are many opportunities to help others and share our gratitude, signing up to volunteer is one of these great opportunities. Look into helping with a Habitat for Humanity project, check your local church for things they need volunteers for, go to your local food bank and donate your time of food, serve food at the soup kitchen, and so many more options out there. Being a giver of your time and talents will help increase your gratitude and be spread to others overall gratitude also. 

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