A Guide to Fitness Centers in Evanston

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It is official. Today is the day after Christmas and if you’re like most of us that means you probably have relinquished yourself to the reality that all you can eat is leaves from now on.

And while salads are, indeed, a smart option for getting healthy in the new year, that alone is not a sustainable way to stick to your new year’s resolutions. Eating a healthy, balanced diet helps of course, but beyond adding a fitness routine you enjoy can have a profound impact on your goals.

Fortunately, there is no lack of options for getting fit in Evanston where fitness centers are both plentiful and diverse.

One of the newest options, Club Pilates, offers a range of low-impact, full body workouts suited for any fitness level. Located at 745 Chicago Ave., the location opened in December and is currently offering a free introductory class to new visitors.

Elsewhere in Evanston you will find Dietrich Horsey and his team at D21 Fit Studio, 739 Main Street. A health expert and fitness trainer with more than 20 years of experience, Horsey specializes in corrective exercise and has a background in bio-nutrition. The team focuses on personal attention and make it a goal for newbies and regulars alike to embrace a comprehensive and sustainable lifestyle.

For those interested in pushing the limits, Kratos Strength Systems is all about powerlifting for all ages and fitness levels.

“They are amazing at motivating people who don’t think they can powerlift,” said Katherine Gotsick, executive director of The Main-Dempster Mile. “They have 90 year old clients…(the work they do is) so inspiring.”

There are more specific centers in the area too, like Fonseca Martial Arts at 829 Chicago Ave. and Lighthouse Yoga at 1234 Sherman Ave. And Paul Tomak is a beloved trainer at Studio Forte, address, where he offers a free 15-minute consultation to all new visitors.

And at The Main, you don’t have to pay a fee or leave your home to get an amazing workout. Our state-of-the-art fitness center offers residents a variety of equipment and weights in the comfort of our building, which we like to consider your corner of Evanston.

What better way to embrace a sustainable new year’s resolution this time around?

Stop by the leasing office or call (847) 450-0115 anytime to schedule a tour and start living your best life in 2019.


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